Kick Off meeting – Spain 2020

The purpose of the meeting is to present the program of work, present the background of the project and the tools (ProjectX and TOPMOST), give some guidance on virtual reality and 3D design and present the tasks and responsibilities of each partner. This meeting will be attended by at least all the teachers involved in the project and, in the case of Xabec, the international coordinator.

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Phase 2 preparation meeting – Italy 2021

The objective of this meeting is to present the VRprojectX prepared by each educational center and determine the tasks necessary for the 3D design of each of the projectX. At least teachers must attend this meeting technicians from each of the participating partners. This meeting will also review the administrative documents for monitoring the project, so it is necessary have the coordinator attend.

Virtual Reality Programming Meeting – Portugal 2021​

The objective of the meeting is coordinate the work carried out on the 3D design files, the script of the teaching resources and study how to integrate the evaluation in relation to the​ learning outcomes defined in the VRprojectX. The guidelines for the presentation of the interim report will be established. Therefore, in this meeting it is necessary that they attend​ people with a technical role and those responsible for the control and monitoring of the administrative part.​

Implementation Phase Meeting – Italy 2022​

The aim is presenting the didactic resources and their implementation on the platform. In addition, activities will be scheduled to test the platform with students from the different training centers and multiplier events will be scheduled. to publicize the tool.​ ​