Primary suspension exchange

For this ProjectX, the student must properly understand the systems and parts of a bogie and how they work. Namely, he/she must exchange the primary suspension due to a scheduled task of a preventive maintenance plan or a repair of a defective spring or damper.

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The goal of this ProjectX is to make available to the student, a virtual environment to assembly a Robot. The pieces will be available to select, and must plugged and verified, stage by stage.

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Laser Cutting Machine

The student will be driven from the selection of an existing building to the realization of the building model.

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3 Phase MotorDiagnosis and Troubleshooting

The goal is to successfully and safely troubleshoot a 3 phase AC motor that is not working correctly. Prerequisites for this module are (normally) the successful completion of the following modules:

  • Health and Safety precautions
  • System De-energising and checking zero-potential
  • Correct connection sequence
  • Startup
  • Functional testing
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