Development in VR

The product developed is 4 projectX's in virtual reality expect to please the following needs:
1. Facilitate the preparation of the mobility of VET students.
2. Have quality didactic resources available for the implementation of teletraining in vocational training,
Therefore the target groups of this product are 2:
1. VET students interested in doing mobility.
2. Adult students who want to study vocational training to obtain a professional qualification or recognition of their professional experience.
For this, two elements of innovation are applied:
1. An innovative pedagogical methodology, which is ProjectX's methodology.
2. The use of new technologies, such as virtual reality and 3D design software.
Both innovative elements are present in the process of transformation of the industry to Industry 4.0.
The expected impact of this product is the increased interest on the part of VET students in mobility,
As they have a prior tool that is attractive and that they can share from their school with students from other countries.
The generation of this type of relationship makes it easier for the student to make the decision to carry out mobility.
This methodology is transferable to other professional families and to other VET centers of the INNMAIN network.