One of the objectives of the project is to adapt the ProjectX's methodology to teletraining through the application of virtual reality.
Currently, there is a manual for the design of projectX that includes methodological guidelines and the forms with the minimum data that a projectX's must include: learning outcomes, tasks, evaluation,etc....).
The projectX's try to reproduce real processes that are carried out in a professional environment of a company,
So they are "real" tasks with the limitation of spaces physical and equipment available.
The application of virtual reality and tele-training platforms break this physical limitation and introduce the need to develop a new manual for the design of VR ProjectX's (virtual reality projects) and their integration into a teletraining platform.
Furthermore, it so happens that the target group of these results are vocational training teachers who are more used to face-to-face teaching, especially in the industrial field.
For this reason, it is more necessary to include guidelines methodologies adapted to this type of training that help them to include innovative aspects in the design of projectX’s.
This manual will be the tool that allows the model to be exported to any vocational training center in the EU as it is digital and based on the European framework of the EQF qualifications and in the ECVET system

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