Integration of the VR ProjectX in Platform

The programming of the VR ProjectX's is an important task, but from the pedagogical point of view, the use of these resources in the educational environment of vocational training.
For this, it is necessary that the didactic resources in virtual reality be associated with learning outcomes and processes of evaluation.
In this way, the didactic resource goes from being a simple game to a VR ProjectX's. For this reason, it is necessary to implement the VR ProjectX's in an elearning platform.
The target group for this product are VET students who are interested in doing mobility or workers who want to obtain an accreditation of their experience professional.
It is important that when defining the VR ProjectX's, the learning outcomes associated with the project and the evaluation systems that are specific to training are defined.
This platform, therefore, must integrate all the innovative elements of projectX's methodology.
The product can be transferred to other educational centers since be based on learning outcomes common to various centers,
The product can be used by centers of the network and facilitate the recognition of competences of any student from these centers.
Thus, the impact of the project is extensive.
In this phase, multiplier events will also be held to present the VR-projectx to students.